Good morning Nirvair, I wanted to tell you how much my husband and I appreciate you DVD’s. We practice almost every day since this summer, and we feel so well thanks to you, especialy in this difficult period we have to live. This series for beginners are wonderful, and you can practice them without feeling any lassitude.
Than you for your DVD’s
Have a nice day. ~
HI! I started your DVD this evening, its superb, its the number 9 one, with all the breathing. I love it. I am also a yoga teacher and am going to purchase all your dvd’s as they are excellent.
With love and light ~
Hi, I just want to say that I’ve enjoyed your lessons very much. I devoted a year; a month for each lesson to learn about myself and kundalini yoga. Thank you once again, Sat Nam, SachDev
Hello Nirvair,   I pray this finds you well. I am writing from Australia and I would like to thank you so much for making your teachings available . They are an invaluable part of our lives within our household and we hold you in such high esteem.

My doctor practically screamed at me when I told him I wanted to start the healing process by doing yoga and told me to just let nature do what it has to before I start ”messing” with yoga. I knew that my body was repeatedly asking for me to help it in its recovery and I had such strong yearnings to do yoga despite his warnings. So yesterday I put on your tape and in just 2 days I feel so much looser and not to mention lighter mentally. So thank you so very much for helping my body and mind to heal.

So, it is alright, for at least I got the chance to express my gratitude to you for the peace that you have helped me uncover within. With warmest regards ~ Monica

Hello. I am 56,healthy,and active.  I have been following your instruction for kundalini yoga with your series of 6 DVDs “Complete Course for beginners” 3 days a week for about 2 months.   Also, I would like to share with you how Kundalini has affected my “being”.  I have never in my life felt so whole and complete.  That is the only way I can describe my being.  I feel as if every part of my body is working together, I feel very happy and content.  Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.  ~ Pam

Hello! I just recieved the “Add Grace and Procperity to your life” and I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!
It’s everything I expected and more.Absolutley wonderful!!!
All the best!
Sat Nam.

Hello there, I had never heard of Kundalini Yoga until twelve weeks ago. I have the begginers pack which I do on a daily basis and I wonder now how I ever did without Kundalin yoga. Since last week my husband and daughter have joined me in doing yoga too. This is what I call beautiful moments.

I wanted to share this with you as so much love and healing is being generated from having the abundance of VHS and DVDS which enables Kundalini Yoga to be shared around the world more. Fantastic.
~ Blessings and Sat Nam

I am so thrilled! Just received your package with my complete Kundalini Beginner Course. Just can’t tell you how much I am enjoying it.  I am telling all of my friends who are interested in Yoga about it.  And I plan to buy my son and daughter the complete course……

I would like to request a copy of the written material that Nivair describes in Program One.  It sounds like an important help in understanding everything that Nivair describes and teaches.  If there should be an additional charge, I will gladly pay it, because I value this course so much!

Definitely want to see in writing Nivair’s definitions of Yoga, Mantras, etc., as well as restrictions for body types and physical conditions, and the phrases, chants and songs and what we are to think about.  I absolutely love the “Sunshine Song” at the end and singing it for someone who needs help or healing!  Beautiful!

My thanks again for this excellent course. Nivair is the best Teacher ever!  I am 69, and I appreciate all of the suggestions for improving flexibility and health in general–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health!  Just feel great at the end of every class!


Dear Nivair,

Why did it take me 69 years to find your Kundalini Yoga course? Your Beginners course is the best exercise DVD series I have found. You explain everything so well. Participating with enthusiasm in your programs would help anyone, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your teaching, gentle guidance and encouragement are outstanding. Talk about finding “balance” in your life. Here is the Way! Kundalini Yoga!

Thanks for giving us all a pleasant and understandable way to improve our lives. I feel great after completing every program. And it is so good to have a tool to help us improve the workings of our miraculous bodies.

Mary M.


Sat nam,
I’ve been doing your Walk Tall video for the last few weeks and have been thoroughly enjoying it!    I was hit by a car as I was crossing the street a few years back and my hips and knees haven’t been right since. Now though, I can feel my hips starting to fall back into place. I was wondering if you have any videos that specifically target the upper back and neck as I have chronic pain there and would like to try a kriya set that focuses on that area.  Thanks


Dear Sir,
I bought a DVD of yours on-line about a year ago. Let us Walk Tall with Kundalini Yoga.
I am only now doing a 40 day intention with it. Today is day 23. Anyway, I was so filled
with love and appreciation for life that I felt inspired to reach out to you and tell you.
Thank you so very much for your work.

Sat Nam Kamal Prakash Kaur


I had a car accident in June 1998. I was doing recycling my garden waste in the recycling center.  When I opened my station wagon to get the material, an old man behind me stepped on his gas instead of the brake.  I was squeezed between 2 cars.  I was unconscious.  They sent me to the hospital and put me on casts.  I went through 18 months of physiotherapy after the cast off.  In 1999, I saw your program in our Knowledge network and I followed the exercise and have been doing it once a week on Sunday mornings.  Before the accident, I took adult ballet for 11 years from 1987 to1998.  I have been working on scientific programming since 1962 after I got my M.Sc. in Mathematics from University of California.  My back started to hurt for sitting too long during the ’80.  The doctor said that I didn’t have muscles in my back.  I needed exercise to build up the back muscles.  I tried Tai-Chi, it was too slow; I tried aerobics, it was too fast.  I found that adult ballet was perfect for me.  But, after the accident, I worried that adult ballet might be too demanding for me.  I am glad to find that your Yoga is perfect for me.  Now, I walk as normal as any body.

Thanks again,


Emily Wong