Kundalini Yoga ~ Healing Series DVD Set

(Relax Deeper..Build Strength…Heal Yourself)

Expressly intended for the serious student of Kundalini Yoga.
This series of three videos will help you practice every day. A forty day sadhana (daily practice) is highly recommended to achieve the full benefits of the kriyas and meditations in this series.

$60.00 (2 disc set )
“Please note that these DVD’s are on two disc and are in Slimline cases for the time being.”
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kyvol1-sm(KYD #022)
Relaxing Into the Deeper Mysteries of Kundalini Yoga
This volume contains two kriyas. The first kriya acts as an initiation into the deeper mysteries of Kundalini Yoga. It will build the strength of the aura so you can handle higher energy states. The second kriya is the Kundalini Bhakti Mantra. It is a thirty one minute meditation using a mantra that will allow you to get in touch with the very essence of the feminine power of Kundalini.
81 minutes.



kyvol2-sm(KYD #023)
Building Your Strength as a Healer
You are a Healer and a Teacher! This volume will allow you to come into your dimension and capacity as a healer through two kriyas. The first kriya will move energy through the spine and build the brightness and uplifting strength of your aura. The second kriya will build your physical vitality. You will feel magnificent!
63 minutes.



kyvol3-sm(KYD #024)
Healing Yourself and Others;
Breath, Energy and Invocation.
This volume gives you techniques for sharing and sending unlimited energy (prana) to yourself and others. Acting as a channel for divine pranic energy, you will learn how to use your hands to heal. Specific skills for invoking and sending energy will be taught so you can build you confidence as a healer.
53 minutes