Heal Your Back Now!


I know that intention combined with the power of prayer can work miracles. It is my intention with this system of Heal Your Back Now! to help and guide you to radiant well being. This DVD is designed to help you with recovery and the maintenance of a healthy back. It is my prayer that the information and the exercises in this video and book will serve you and your back well!

Your guide is Nirvair Singh Khalsa, who has taught Kundalini Yoga at the University of Alaska Anchorage since 1975. In addition to helping thousands of students with their backs, he has authored and published thirteen videos and three books. He lives in Anchorage and loves to run, ski, bike and hike with his family in the mountains of Alaska.

Featured in this DVD:

•Simple, easy and effective Kundalini Yoga
•Safe exercises for a levels of fitness
•Healing and Uplifting music
•Quality instruction from a University Level Instructor

50 Minutes        $20.00

$ 5.00 Shipping Anywhere!!

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